The late pick up

It’s been a hectic 24hours in Farah-land (FYI: Farah – that’s me people). All day yesterday, usually crazily positive and always ‘glass half full’ kinda gal felt “blah”. Not only that, but as the afternoon wore on I literally could feel the ‘joy’ leak out of me… I don’t know if it was the fact that it was raining all or it was because I forgot my umbrella which meant I couldn’t go outside at all and get some fresh air in the middle of the day… either way – by the end of the day I was well and truly over it. I was ready to get in my car, natter with my bestie (as we had come into work together) and pick up the kids – break my fast (another little titbit about me – I am Muslim and we’re currently doing Ramadan) and have dinner with the kiddies.

Well it certainly did NOT go according to plan: I left work at 5pm (usual time) and could get on the freeway as there had been some overturned truck and a massive oil spill of some sort on the highway – all attempts to go “the back way” resulted in delays also because there were TWO other car accidents on our route. There was even one incident involving a driver wielding a baseball bat at the driver in front of them. I mean SERIOUSLY – I was tearing my hair out when by 5.45pm I was still in the Perth CBD (where I work) and no where near the kids… where the day-care their at shuts at 6pm!

It was like a twilight zone! All this mayhem and rain! Needless to say I arrived at day-care late… not by a few minutes – NAY; by 45 minutes! I felt absolutely terrible! I had called them to let them know but I cannot begin to tell you how terrible I felt as a parent seeing my kids there in the midst of their staff meeting. Honestly – I cannot rave about my kids day-care enough – they are amazing. If you live in the area and am looking for a day-care facility with brilliant staff where your kids will LOVE this is the place –

Canning Vale School of Early Learning – in fact, if you do call them let them know that you heard about them from me (Farah).

Needless to say; dinner was not served on time (I ended up opening my fast at 7.15pm; lets be honest, eating food was the last thing on my mind: For someone who had not eaten or drunk anything since before 5.30am I was remarkably feeling no desire for food or drink at all!)… nor was their bedtime (I swear Rocco was falling asleep as I was feeding him)… and all well intentioned plans I had to bake a cake after the kids went to sleep went down the drain as by the time they were asleep and I packed their bags for the next day I was MORE than ready to sit down with a bit of chocolate and a cup of tea as I cocooned myself snuggly in my electric throw rug as the rain belted down…




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